Stage III Applications

1951-1970 Chevy
1969-1972 Camaro
1964-1972 Chevelle
1964-1972 Malibu
1964-1974 Nova
1964-1972 GTO LeMans
1967-1969 Firebird
1964-1973 Mustang
1967-1969 Cougar
1968-1972 Comet
  1959-1970 Comet
  1965-1972 Charger
  1967-1972 Charger
  1965-1972 Coronet
  1962-1975 Dart Demon
  1964-1972 Cutlass 442
  1964-1973 Gran Sport

Stage III 1953-1965 Corvette
Drum Brakes that perform like Disc Brakes

Half the cost of a Disc Brake conversion

Easier to Install…no special components & direct replacement

Keep your original wheels

MCB All New Stage-III technologically advanced high performance brake system for the pre 1972 Muscle Cars & Classic Trucks: Thermo Cooled Drums are coupled with MCB Matrix Ceramic Brake Shoes, Master Cylinder, High Volume Wheel Cylinders, Heavy Trick Spring Kit, Star Wheel Self Adjuster Combo Kit and front & rear Brake Hoses. MCB Stage-III will give that Muscle Car or Classic Truck as much as 38% better braking than over the counter brakes.

Drums may vary in design per manufacturer than those shown above.

Self Adjusters may not be available on some older models.

53-62 Corvette F/ R 11" Drum ST3-2855
Price: $1,149.50

53-62 Corvette R 11" Drum ST3-55
Price: $565.00

63-65 Corvette F/ R 11" Drum ST3-2728
Price: $1,149.50

63-65 Corvette R 11" Drum ST3-228
Price: $565.00

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